What do you think being Union means?  Many people have asked that question... but the answer is not simple.  What each person receives as a result of being union may differ from person to person.  If you and/or the workers in your organization are looking to unionize your company or are interested in finding out if our Local can help you in any way, please feel free to contact our officers via e-mail or call them at (562) 799-3834.    

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Some examples of union benefits previously negotiated:

  • Salary ranges:  $20.00 to $41.00 per hour


  • Two to six weeks of vacation (depending on seniority)


  • As many as fifteen sick days annually (which roll to the next year)


  • Twenty-one holidays (7 of which are non-designated dates)


  • Extensive health insurance coverage (medical/dental/vision/orthodontic/life insurance) at no premium contribution costs to employee (only deductible or copayments depending on plan).


  • Pension and retiree life-time medical, dental and vision benefits


  • Much much more...


You may also contact the main ILWU office about information on organizing the location in which you work or you may visit "How to start a union organizing campaign" at the AFL-CIO's web site and fill out the confidential information. 





Any individual who is seeking employment within the I.L.W.U. Local 63 OCU is encouraged to contact the union at another time.  We are not accepting any new resumes at this time (effective 04/12/00 through the current date).   At present, more resumes are on file than we can reasonably expect to refer for employment through our hiring procedures. We welcome you to check back with the union at a later date.  

There are several rumors about our local submitting applications for employment.  This is not true.  Please be aware that our local (representing Office Clerical Workers) is not accepting resumes or applications.  Please contact for more information on whether or not other divisions of the ILWU are hiring.  Thank you.


To unionize your current place of employment  --->  Click here for information

or phone our office for details (562) 799-3834.







*Waiting list does not guarantee employment or membership.